Speeding Up Metabolism For Guaranteed Weight Loss

If you want or need to lose a few pounds, learning how to speed up metabolism in your body is essential. Once you learn the right way to do things, losing weight is guaranteed. In fact you should never feel hunger, frustration and defeat with your weight loss efforts. Take the time to learn about speeding up metabolism, what causes weight gain and what prevents weight loss and your diet will be a success. It has to be. It is a scientific given, not a wish. In other words, speeding up metabolism guarantees weight loss success.

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All weight loss (and weight gain) problems have to do with metabolism. If your body is not metabolizing calories in an optimal fashion, your dieting efforts are doomed. You will be fighting against basic body chemistry - and you'll lose. But, hang in there, speeding up metabolism is relatively simple to do.

Most metabolic issues begin in the digestive tract. The fact is, due to our daily diets, people (especially those living in America) have digestive systems that function miserably. Most colons are impacted with a lifetime of stored fecal matter that is simply not ejected.

The first thing to do if you seriously want to boost your metabolism into a higher gear is to look into a high quality colon cleansing product. You will be shocked to discover what has been hiding inside you. It certainly isn't pretty and it stops your body from properly metabolizing and getting the nutrients it needs from the food you eat.

Some of the reported effects of a thorough colon cleansing are: longer lasting and easier weight loss, reduced illness and increased energy. Reports of clearer skin are common too!

After you've whipped your colon into shape, you can get started on losing some pounds!

Diets that help you lose a bunch of weight really fast are not healthy. Nor are they effective for the long term. I know it's not what you want to hear, but they pose problems for most people as soon as the diet is over. Most fast weight loss diets actually slow down your metabolism which  is why we regain the weight as soon as we stop dieting. Speeding up metabolism is the true route to success.

Setting aside health issues - virtually every fast weight loss diet requires you to drastically cut back on your calories. Ok, so we're starving ourselves. No big deal, most of us could stand to miss a meal or two. But...

Where we run into problems is that your body is too helpful! It doesn't understand that this is only a diet - a temporary condition. It just knows you aren't getting enough food! Something is wrong!

Instead of using up our excess fat stores, your body attempts to protect you by slowing down your metabolism and surviving on the calories it's being given. It valiantly tries to get along on nothing more than what it's being given. It will decrease your energy levels and if you continue long enough it will start slowing down and cutting out other bodily functions. This can and has caused coma and death!

Finally, when you stop the diet and start eating normally again, all of a sudden you have all these extra calories! They have to go somewhere! They go to fat. Caloric intake that was normal before your diet, is now (because of your slowed metabolism) way too high! You will gain all the weight back. Plus, you'll keep going. You need to learn how to speed up metabolism in your body so the calories are burned away.

We constantly see ads and testimonials from people who say they've lost a lot of weight and kept it off. Look carefully. Somewhere in that ad is a disclaimer that says "these results are not typical". Assuming they really lost the weight, (these multi-billion dollar companies wouldn't LIE would they?) the ads don't show what else they did in addition to the diet. Typically there was a major lifestyle change that included eating healthier foods, exercise, routine colon cleansing and sometimes medication.

So, how to speed up metabolism? Two areas to begin with are a colon cleansing and second don't cut way back on your calories.

Speeding up metabolism is as basic as eating less at each meal, but eating more often! Instead of a couple huge meals, eat five or six smaller ones throughout the day. This keeps your metabolism constantly working and will aid in speeding up metabolism. So your body, efficient and helpful as it is will assist by burning off the extra calories at a faster rate. This comes in the form of increased energy.

In your efforts to speed up metabolism, following these two tips is a terrific way to get started.

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