Rapid Weight Loss Diets, is it Possible to Still Eat Your Favourite Foods and Yet Still Look Sexy?

Almost 108 million Americans were overweight or obese in 1999. Until now, obesity continues to be a serious problem and is predicted to reach epidemic levels by the year 2020, and this is just counting the population in America! One way to prevent this scenario is to make more people aware of the risks of being overweight or obese.

Some of the diseases you are putting yourself in risk of if you are overweight are:

·         Heart Disease
·         Stroke
·         Diabetes
·         Arthritis
·         Cancer
·         Hypertension

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Losing weight is all about setting goals and keeping to them, try setting a certain amount of calories you wish to burn a day or sticking to eating a firm quantity of a specific food. Don't set yourself outlandish objectives that you know you won't complete by the end of the day, keep in mind how much your body can handle when setting your daily goals, don't step outside your comfort zone until you can complete the daily objectives you have set for yourself without even blinking, for some this could be around 1 - 2 weeks. Rapid weight loss dieting never comes without work, but it doesn't have to be hard.

Another motivational tool in helping you lose weight is to weigh yourself at the end of every week, this will help you see how much you have lost or put on, if you have put on weight however, take a list of the foods you have been eating all week; it doesn't have to be exact, and try to exchange the more fatty foods with a more healthy alternative. If you've lost weight; congratulations, again keep track of the exercises you have done and foods you have eaten, review the goals and put the list up somewhere you visit everyday so you'll see it at least once a day. Maybe you'll even print a copy for your workplace!

One of the most important factors in rapid weight loss diets is not to starve yourself; your body will not be able tolerate having insufficient food to fuel the energy that you use up every day. While you may feel that you are losing unwanted flab on your stomach and thighs this is not a healthy route to go by.

Rapid weight loss diets are the easiest way to lose weight quickly; it doesn't require any physical activity, only you watching what you eat. While this sounds easy in theory you may have a tougher time if you are used to eating sugary and fatty foods. It's okay though, just remember to not jump out of your comfort zone, you can start with changing two foods a week, perhaps instead of your usual bacon and eggs tomorrow morning, you'll have a nice fruit salad!

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