4 Amazing Weight Loss Tips

You need to lose weight - what to do? The story in the mirror isn't getting any better. Something has to be done, but what? Another diet? Oh, no! Anything but, please! Surely there has to be a better way of losing weight than going on a diet?

Losing weight can be quite a challenge. It takes effort and commitment if it is going to be successful. The problem for most people is that having invested their time, commitment and money, and really, really tried to keep to the diet regime, the weight just comes back again.

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When the weight comes back it isn't much fun. Is it? All that effort all for nothing. It actually doesn't do you very much good for a number of reasons. Psychologically you are dealt a pretty heavy blow. It takes quite a lot out of you when all your efforts are in vain. This becomes an even worse problem if you are a serial dieter.

Serial dieters also suffer from an even greater problem, loss of muscle mass. When you go on a diet you lose both fat and muscle. When the weight comes back again you put the fat back on, but not the muscle. It's not difficult to see that after several diets, your muscle mass is going to be considerably reduced.

Why is this a problem? Apart from the fact that you will find daily functions more difficult because your muscle mass has deteriorated, your metabolism will have been compromised as well? Why? Because muscle is a very good burner of energy. The more muscle you have the better you will be at burning energy (calories). The less muscle you have the more difficult you will find it to burn energy and therefore lose weight.

The best weight loss tips are:

1. Don't go on a diet
2. Don't 'pop weight loss pills' - the result will be the same as going on a diet.
3. Join a program that has a personal Exercise Plan and that offers you support during the program.
4. Chose a program that addresses the main issue - making change. Making change comes by learning new habits, slim habits. This is the only sure way to achieve permanent weight loss.

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